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 Pedro Mountain Mummy

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PostSubject: Pedro Mountain Mummy   Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:09 am

One of the most famous discoveries made took place in 1932 in the canyons of the Pedro Mountains, about 60 miles SW of Casper Wyoming. After gold prospectors dynamited through the canyons of the Pedro Mountains they discovered a completly mummified middle aged man sitting cross-legged on a ledge. More astonishing was the fact that the mummy appeared to be only 14 inches tall! Pedro, as he has been nicknamed, appeared to be in his 40's but scientists speculate that he was not actually an adult at all but an infant or small fetus that might have been afflicted with the disease anencephaly. Was this the case or is he possibly a completly different specimen of being? More Improtantly, how did he get there and why?

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Pedro Mountain Mummy
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