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 Insane Asylum

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PostSubject: Insane Asylum   Wed Mar 17, 2010 2:15 pm

Insane Asylum
Short Story By: xXTwistedWorldXx

I screamed, and yelled. Treathing at the doctors who we're lowering down a drill to my skull. I was completely strapped on a table, feeling uncomfortable. Anger filled inside of me. A nurse, who I recognized as Mrs. Tanya, smiled sadly at me. The man next her, a doctor, inched the drill next to my skull.

"No!" I screamed. "Touch me, and I'll kill you all!"

No fear. No pain. No sadness. Just anger. I only felt anger. I growled at these people, and squirmed under the straps. "Let me go!"

Mrs Tanya glanced at me, looking scared, and reached down toward a box that lay next to her feet. "I hate you," I whispered. "I hate you!"

The nurse pulled out a device. No. Two devices. A knife, and a gun. Anger roared inside of me again, only stronger. She layed the knife next to my arm. I tried to for it, but the straps forced my hands down. She then layed the gun point at my forehead. Still, I didn't feel fear. Just anger. The nurse cocked her head to the side.

"Do it, Tanya," I could hear the man say. "Shoot her, and I'll drill the brain out."

Mrs. Tanya nodded, ignoring my scream.

"Don't do it!" I yelled. "Don't!"

But, of course, she didn't listen. She licked her lips, and smiled at me.

"I'm sorry, sweetie," she said in the sweetest voice. "But..." She sighed. "You're insane."

More anger. I took a deep breath before I blew up. Both the doctor, and the nurse just smiled. And quicly I remembered something.

"What are you going to do with the knife?"

The nurse grabbed it, as the doctor explained.

"After I get your brain out, I'm going to use the knife to cut open your brain. We need to find out what makes somebody insane."

More anger. The doctor glanced at Tanya, nodding. Nodding back, Tanya turned her direction back at me, putting force on the gun to my forehead. I couldn't believe it. This is just too insane.

I knew my time was coming. In a couple of seconds I was going to remain brainless. I wanted them to remember me. No, I wasn't going to beg. No, I wasn't going to cry. I was going to take it. If they want to shoot me, then they will. I was quiet for three seconds. The nursed smiled sadly.

"I'm sorry," she said.

I had it. Thsi is enough.

"I hate you all! I hate you!" I screamed, and screamed. "I'm not insane! I'm not insane! You are! You're insane!"

And, everything went black, along with the worst pain I have ever felt.

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Insane Asylum
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